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Arab American University Campus to Host EMS Center

 (Al-Bireh – 3/8/2017): PRCS and the Arab American University have signed an agreement under which the University’s main campus shall host an Emergency Medical Services Center and an ambulance with a view to serving university students and nearby communities alike.

The Agreement was signed by both PRCS’ President Dr. Younis Al Khatib and the President of the Arab American University Dr. Ali Abu Zuhri. The signing ceremony was also attended by PRCS’ Director General Dr. Khaled Joudeh, the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Sciences Dr. Mohamad Assia and the Director of Public Relations at the Arab American University Mr. Fathi Ammour.

“This Agreement is a positive step in the right direction for the University and neighboring communities. While universities offer education and culture to Palestinians, we at PRCS endeavor to maintain them in good health”, Al Khatib said. He underlined the role of PRCS as a national Society which aims to provide humanitarian services to all Palestinians, especially in Syria and Lebanon, with the help of PRCS’ staff and volunteers who stand ready to offer their services to all those in need.

Dr. Abu Zuhri thanked PRCS and its president for the great humanitarian services provided to Palestinians. “The Arab American University has equipped the EMS Center and ambulance parking space with all the necessary tools in order to ensure the safety of students and of neighboring communities”, he said.

The center shall also organize First Aid courses targeting university students and staff alike to enable them to deal with emergencies whenever they occur.