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Targeting PalestineRCS medical teams continues in #Jerusalem #Am_not_atarget.


 The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) raised the emergency level tonight from level 3 to level 4, in anticipation of continued protests and clashes in East Jerusalem, as well as in anticipation of the developments as a result of the planned protests in the West Bank and Gaza. The different Palestinian factions and groups have called for national protests across the West Bank and in Gaza, against the illegal Israeli measures in East Jerusalem and the rest of the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Palestinians in East Jerusalem are embracing for another night of violence and increased turmoil, following last night raid on the Al-Aqsa mosque and as far-right Israeli groups and colonial settlers are planning to march through East Jerusalem. Furthermore, clashes between Palestinian protestors and Israeli occupying forces are expected across the West Bank cities and towns, as protestors plan to march toward Israeli military check-points.  

PRCS has activated its emergency operation room at its headquarters and its Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are on high alert and ready to provide medical assistance to those who may get injured and to the residents of the surrounding areas who may be affected by these incidents and by the usual Israeli use of force including stun and gas grenades as well as rubber coated and live bullets. Ambulance teams, Advanced Medical Posts (AMP) and volunteers are ready across the OPT including in East Jerusalem.

The emergency medical teams of PRCS have already dealt with a total of 654 cases in East Jerusalem since the start of the current clashes on 7th of May, including 338 hospital transfers, 75 of which treated at its makeshift field hospital in the city, and 316 cases treated on the spot. Additionally, PRCS teams reported 8 violations against its medical teams and vehicles including targeting of medical personnel.

PRCS is a member of the International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent and is committed to uphold its humanitarian mission and the Fundamental Principles of the Movement, especially the Principles of Humanity, Independence, Neutrality and Impartiality.

PRCS calls on the Israeli occupying forces to respect the mission of its medical and humanitarian teams and cease the illegal practice of targeting PRCS teams, who are protected under International Humanitarian Law. It further calls on the international community to ensure that the Israeli authorities respect and adhere to the provisions of the 4th Geneva Convention for the protection of civilians.