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Organizational Development


The Organizational Development (OD) Program is a self-initiated Program started by PRCS in 2003 in responding to its expansion and growing services and with a view to covering the humanitarian needs arising from the 2nd Intifada (2000). As PRCS witnessed rapid growth, an increase in human and material resources resulted to more complex and intertwined organizational relations, it became important to enhance its capacities and organizational capabilities to enable it to cover needs on the one hand, and to boost its steadfastness on the other.

In line with this vision, key development lines of action were set, prioritized and acknowledged. The OD Unit, in cooperation with other Departments, sought to set priorities within four core areas: The Financial and Administrative System; Human Resource; Governance and Branches; and Planning and Projects.

Since 2003, PRCS has been steadily working to improve its OD vision as needed and in line with surrounding developments. This vision was enhanced and modified with each of the three following stages:

Stage 1

This stage focused on determining PRCS’ direction and vision vis-à-vis the OD Program, and according to need. The OD officer directly intervened in the execution of all relevant activities (strategy setting, policies and procedures, organizational structures, job descriptions, etc.).

Stage 2

It focused on capacity building and empowerment through various activities (branch equipment and training, financial and managerial activities, computerized financial network, policies and procedures).

Stage 3

This stage focuses on the integrated OD strategy. Some changes were made including the implementation of OD activities within each program (strategies, policies, information systems, procedures and protocols, structures).


  • Preparation of continuous assessment on PRCS’ organizational capacities and capabilities in cooperation with all stakeholders;
  • Development of strategic/operational /action plans based on the results of those assessments;
  • Development of mechanisms to integrate OD plans and activities within PRCS programs;
  • Follow-up on the implementation of OD plans within PRCS programs and monitoring the outcome;
  • Follow-up on the respect of priorities within each program and department;
  • Evaluation of results to determine gaps and re-plan as needed.

  Objective and Goals


To enhance PRCS’ Organizational Development capacities (Management and Leadership, Planning and Program Management, Systems and Operations, Human Resources). 


  • Improve planning and program management capacities in cooperation with all departments and branches;
  • Enhance leadership and managerial capacities throughout PRCS’ executive and standard-setting structure;
  • Effectively develop PRCS’ Human Resources System by focusing on the training of staff and volunteers;
  • Enhance and improve systems and operations with special focus on financial and administrative activities and processes.


 Activites and Services

Organizational Development activities throughout PRCS programs and structure focus on the following:

  • Developing a computerized financial and managerial system with a network linking Upper Management with branches in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and the Diaspora;
  • Developing a computerized information system to pursue membership issues at branches;
  • Developing policies, procedures and operations for all programs and systems;
  • Developing planning and managerial capacities and skills for employees and volunteers at all PRCS programs;
  • Enhancing complementarity between standard-setting and executive tasks on the one hand, and PRCS’ programs and services on the other, by enhancing the managerial and leadership skills of both staff and volunteers.
  • Providing the needed technical support to planning systems and strategies