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Lebanon Branch

PRCS Lebanon branch was created in 1969 with view to providing health and social services to Palestinian refugees living in refugee camps in Lebanon. All PRCS/Lebanon facilities are located in or around these camps, serving UN-registered and unregistered refugees as well as needy Lebanese citizens through the following nine Primary Health Care Centers:

  •   Al Bared Clinic, located in Nahr el Bared refugee camp;
  •   Akka Clinic, located in Beer Hassan;
  •   Shatila Clinic, located in Shatila refugee camp;
  •   Mar Ilias Clinic, located in Mar Ilias refugee camp;
  •   Sa’id Sayel Clinic, located in Ein el Hilwa refugee camp/Sidon;
  •   Al Jalil Clinic, located in Burj el Shamali refugee camp;
  • Al Booss Clinic, located in Al Booss refugee camps;
  •   Al Kassimiyeh Clinic, located in Al Kassimiyeh refugee camp;
  •   Wavel Clinic, located in Wavel refugee camp, Baalbek.

Moreover, PRCS provides health services through the five following hospitals which it operates in Lebanon:

  •  Al Hamshari Hospital/Sidon;
  •   Al Nassrah Hospital/ Bar Ilias / Beqaa Valley;
  •   Balsam Hospital/ Al Rashidiya camp/ Tyre;
  •   Haifa Hospital/ Burj al Barajneh camp/ Beirut;
  •   Safad Hospital/ Al Baddawi camp/ Tripoli.

Furthermore, PRCS/Lebanon runs a health education Program, a Youths & Volunteers Program and Physiotherapy services. It also oversees a Nursing School in Sidon.