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Egypt Branch

  PRCS Egypt branch has been providing health services since 1970 through Palestine Hospital in Cairo to thousands of Palestinians living in Egypt, as well as to families of martyrs, wounded and retired Palestinians, families of PNA staff living in Egypt, and sick Palestinians referred to Egypt from Palestine and mainly from the Gaza Strip.

The hospital comprises a wide array of specialised clinics in addition to the following sections and units: cardiac catheterization unit, ICU, dialysis unit, gastrointestinal endoscopy unit, neonatal incubator unit, geriatrics section, physiotherapy section, x-ray section, sterilization section, pharmacy, medical lab for chemical, blood, microbiological and serological tests in addition to a 24/7 emergency section and a dentist clinic. Moreover, PRCS/Egypt provides social services through its cultural centre which comprises a library, a computer-education centre, a 350 seat theatre and a heritage section with Palestinian art crafts aimed at promoting Palestinian heritage and ensuring income for producers. PRCS/Egypt has its own Popular Arts Troupe known as “Al Falooja” troupe whose volunteers representing PRCS at all national events