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Ithna branch

 This branch was established in June 1998. It is operated by an elected Board of Directors which consists of 11 members. The most recent elections for the board were held in June 2009. The mission statement of this branch is the same mission statement of the PRCS: to offer humanitarian services to the Palestinian citizens and to any person in need. The branch seeks to achieve the following:

* To offer first aid and emergency services to the people in the town of Ithna and the nearby villages; 
* To offer health and social services to the population in the region; 
* To confront the ramifications of natural disasters and man-made disasters that might hit the region; 
* To activate the role of people with special needs and the most needy people; 
* To reinforce the concept of voluntary work in the society and encourage young people to join this kind of action; 
* To work on upgrading the educational, health and professional status of women who are productive elements in the society; 
* To raise health awareness in all areas, especially preventive awareness and preservation of the environment; 
* To consolidate awareness on the mission statement and goals of the PRCS and the principles of the ICRC and the Red Crescent.

The branch centers

The branch has the following sections:

Primary Health Care,

which includes:

* Clinics: these includes a day-care clinic and an evening-care clinic, in addition to an orthopedic clinic and obstetrics clinic (reproductive health), and skin diseases clinic. 
* Laboratory: it works a morning shift and an evening shift; the laboratory includes the most advanced machines and equipment and is run by a trained professional team; the laboratory also offers high quality services for low fees. 
* Pharmacy: it works a morning shift and an evening shift and serves the patients who visit the clinics of the PRCS only.

Ambulance and Emergency Center:

The center has two ambulance cars and a qualified team to serve the population in the region; the center works around the clock and secures the transfer of patients to hospitals and Palestinian medical centers. The center organizes courses in the area of ambulance and emergency services to the students and housewives.

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Center:

It was opened in 2003 though support from the Spanish PAZ Institute. This center is the only establishment in the region that is equipped with modern machines and equipment. The center operates under the supervision of a team of experts in physiotherapy and social counseling. It offers complete rehabilitation services. The prisoners and Palestinians injured in the Intifada and special hardship social cases enjoy special treatment in terms of the fees. The center is currently preparing a comprehensive survey plan to locate all cases with special needs in the schools and kindergartens in the town and the neighboring regions. The center enjoys full support from the Rehabilitation Department at the PRCS Headquarters. Hearing tests are sometimes conducted at the center.

Dr. Fathi Arafat X-Ray Center:

this center was established in cooperation with the Welfare Association and the World Bank. Work started in this center in the beginning of 2005 in honor of the founder of the PRCS – Dr. Fathi Arafat - and was named after him. This is the sole center that offers services to the population in the town and neighboring regions. There is no other x-ray center in the region, except in the city of Hebron. The center offers its services at low prices.

Youth and Volunteers:

The branch has 83 male and female volunteers who join several committees, including the social, health, sports, arts, cultural, mental health and disasters emergency committees, in addition to the ambulance committee. The volunteers in this branch participated in several activities, mainly training on cases of disasters at the Governorate level, and the supervision of many summer camps and integration camps. They also receive the prisoners and organize several first aid courses and awareness on mines in the town and the neighboring villages. They also hosted several volunteers committees from all Palestinian cities and performed several sports activities.

Safe Motherhood Program:

The program is based on the idea of reinforcing the role of women through training and education courses in health, social and educational fields. The program is active in several neighboring villages.

Disaster Risk Reduction Program:

this is a modern program in the branch; it works on raising awareness of the local community on the dangers of disasters and the formation of community committees to work during crisis and disasters. The program offers its services to the population in Ithna and the neighboring towns: Bet Awwa, Der Samet, Tarqoumia, Soba and al-Kom.


Accomplished projects:
* The permanent headquarters of the branch was completed through support from Save the Children and the USAID
* The X-Ray building; it was equipped with support from the Welfare Association and the World Bank
* Obstetrics and Specialized Clinics; it was completed through support from the German Development Project (KFW).


Future projects:
The branch is working now to accomplish a strategic project which is to build a large compound that includes several centers. For this purpose, the Municipality of Ithna donated a plot of land with an area of 1500 square meters opposite the Red Crescent Complex in the town. The branch seeks, with the approval of the PRCS Headquarters in al-Bireh, to mobilize funds for this projects. The branch completed all paper work dealing with the licensing of the building which will consist of four floors and will cost $1.4 million.