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Tulkarem branch

PRCS’ Tulkarem branch was established in 1948 by a group of Tulkarem ladies as a voluntary humanitarian society which aims to meet the health, social and humanitarian needs of Palestinians. A total of 53 persons currently work at the branch’s various sections. The branch provides an array of health and social services through the following centres, sections and facilities:

 EMS Center

Created in 1989, it provides services 24/7 to Palestinians, mainly to victims of Israeli attacks, car accidents and to sick people, transporting them to public and private hospitals.

 Orphanage (Center for the protection of childhood)

Created in 1981, this centre is amongst PRCS’ main achievements. It hosts children who lost one of or both their parents, as well as socially disadvantaged children whose families are not able to offer them shelter or protection. Three skilled female educators take care of these children aged between 1 day and 12 years around the clock, providing them with food, clothes, health care and recreational activities.


The nursery provides care for children aged 70 days to 4 years. 20 to 40 children whose parents work either at the branch or elsewhere are registered at the nursery.

 Physiotherapy Section

This state-of-the-art section provides adequate physiotherapy to around 100 patients every month. It was equipped thanks to funds from the Spanish “Paz” organization.

 PRCS’ Hospital

It comprises a gynaecology and obstetrics ward, a general surgery and endoscopy ward as well as a lab and a pharmacy. 42 employees work at the hospital which is in need of an x-ray section, an Intensive Care Unit and a neonatal ward.

 Youths and Volunteers Department

Since its establishment, this department has mobilized, built the capacities of and trained volunteers in various fields to enable them to disseminate the principles and goals of both PRCS and the International Movement as well as to implement health, social and cultural programs to the benefit of Palestinians.