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Emergency Medical Services


Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was established concurrently with the creation of PRCS in the Diaspora during the 1960s. They accompanied Palestinians in times of hardships and aggressions such as the war in Lebanon in 1982 as well as through recurrent aggressions during Al Aqsa Intifada and the latest war on Gaza. 

EMS constitutes essential health services provided by PRCS to Palestinian citizens and all individuals in need under normal and extraordinary conditions. Considering the importance of this humanitarian service, PRCS was entrusted by the Palestinian National Authority in 1996, by virtue of a presidential decree, with full responsibility for these services in the West Bank and Gaza. EMS services are offered by PRCS 24/7 through the 101 hotline.

PRCS emergency services now encompass 14 main centers, including one in East Jerusalem, and 28 subsidiary centers in the OPT. These centers are currently assisted by a fleet of 140 ambulances and are manned by 348 paramedics and 200 volunteers. Moreover, PRCS runs its own EMS Institute, which is unique in Palestine and is specialized in providing EMS training to prepare basic and general paramedics through its two branches in Al Bireh and Gaza. PRCS is currently working on providing paramedic training to prepare advanced paramedics at this Institute.

EMS staff constantly respect the principles of the International Movement even if they come under attack in the line of duty. Since September 2000 until the war on Gaza in 2014 , a total of 20 PRCS emergency medical technicians and volunteers have fallen in the line of duty.

In Diaspora, PRCS lost 7 of its staff while on duty since the staff the Syrian crises






 Objective and Goals

The Overall objective: 

Providing Palestinian population with high quality of pre-hospital emergency medical services at any time in the oPT


  • To ensure the continuation of providing high quality of pre-hospital emergency medical services
  • To increase EMS Preparedness and Responding capacity.
  • To monitor, follow up and ensure the implementation of EMS rules, regulations and protocols
  • To sustain and support the Emergency Medical Institute and its running programs
  • To enhance and support the role of volunteers in EMS effectively
  • To promote the first aid concept among the Palestinian community

Activites and Services

The EMS Program is implemented by:

EMS Teams operating through 14 main stations and 28 sub stations in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, in addition to the EMS center located at the PRCS branch in Syria. These centers are currently assisted by a fleet of 140 ambulances.

EM Institute, which is one of the educational institutions affiliated to PRCS. It was established in 1996 with the mission of preparing qualified individuals in the field of pre-hospitalization EMS services. It is unique in the occupied Palestinian territory, and is specialized in providing EMS training through its branches in Al Bireh and Gaza. The Institute is open to all social categories and local institutions, through training sessions and workshops aimed at spreading awareness and social guidance in the field of first aid and emergency medical care.

PRCS has acceded to the membership of International Trauma Life Support, USA, and has thus been accredited as a licensed and qualified ITLS center.

PRCS is currently seeking to join the European Resuscitation Council in Brussels to become a certified member and trainer in the field.