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PRCS runs a number of activities aiming at empowering youth and creating young community leaders who will act as active citizens taking their responsibilities towards their communities.

Various training courses, seminar and lectures are organized to develop the different life, managerial and leadership skills of those young leaders. In addition to that, the PRCS’ youth represent the Society and Palestine in any events and gatherings at the international fora.

Moreover, the PRCS focuses in its youth program on developing street sports activities and organizing IT skills courses and this implemented in cooperation with the Danish Red Cross Youth.

Through sports, children and youth will have a free space to unleash energy and release psychological pressure emphasizing fair play and team spirit. As for the IT trainings, they allow youth to have better chances of realizing their educational, professional and creative ambitions. Youth will be able to communicate, network and advocate professionally and socially at the national and international levels with their peers.

Another important activity is the YABC that stands for “Youth as Agents of Behavioral Change”. This is organized in cooperation with the International Federation of Red CrossRed Crescent Societies (IFRC) with the aim of training youth to help in making the change in their community in a unique way that is different and more efficient through seminars, games and events. 
As part of the youth program, the PRCS has five community centers located in Bethlehem, Hebron, Jenin, Nablus and Gaza where a variety of recreational, educational, cultural, and sports activities are organized

Activites and Services

This Program is implemented as part of PRCS programs and services provided in ordinary times and during emergencies through a network of volunteers supporting the different PRCS programs. For example, more than 350 specialized volunteers have helped the Psychosocial support program , while more than 850 volunteers have helped the Disaster Management Unit implement its activities, training courses, community-based health programs and drills in cooperation with relevant institutions. Volunteers also take part in activities organized by the Primary Health Care Program and more than 700 volunteers who have passed multiple Emergency Medical courses provide support to the Emergency Medical Services interventions, according to need. The Emergency Medical volunteers are present in national events, marches, festivals, football and basketball matches to provide medical and first aid services if needed.

Volunteers participate in organizing various activities in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in partnership with may national organizations on national and international occasions such as the World Volunteer Day, the Palestinian Child Day, and the olive harvest season. Moreover, in excess of 1100 female volunteers work within 75 Safe Motherhood Committees throughout Palestinian villages and communities to enhance women’s role in rural areas and promote voluntary service. They also organize several health community-based activities. This Program receives endless support and recognition from both PRCS and the local community. 

Furthermore, in 2002, specialized volunteers started implementing a program to raise awareness about the dangers of mines and unexploded ordnance, with a view to educating the local community, mainly children, about their risks. 

In addition, the PRCS holds tens of Summer Camps every year for children and youngsters in various areas of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, with the participation and under the supervision of young volunteers. 

Finally, volunteers organize a number of cultural, social and environmental activities such as neighborhood, and street cleaning and painting campaigns, as well as tree planting, fun days for children, and home visits for the elderly.


Objective and Goals

General objective of the Youths Program

Contributing to developing youth capacities, enhancing their mental and physical skills in accordance with their needs and those of their society, as well as investing their energy in the fields of leadership and development, according to PRCS values and principles.


  •  Preparing young Palestinian leaders and activists;
  •  Actively engaging youths to support local communities, mainly marginalized and underprivileged ones;
  •  Disseminating PRCS’ mission and RCRC Movement principles;
  •  Enhancing partnerships with local, national, regional and international youth bodies;
  • Enabling young people to practice their hobbies and to develop and promote their creativity;
  •  Promoting the role of young people in the health, environmental and social fields and helping them keep up with technological advances.
  •  Spreading the culture of active voluntary action amongst young people in Palestine and the Diaspora.