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PRCS’ Al Hamshari Hospital Treats 700 Ophthalmologic Patients

 (Lebanon - 17/5/2017):  A medical team from PRCS’ Al Hamshari hospital located in Ein El Hilwa refugee camp in Sidon, Lebanon, examined around 700 ophthalmologic patients as part of the Spanish Campaign to Treat Eye Diseases and Disorders organized by the hospital. Chaired by Dr. Mohamad Rasheed Al Youssef, the team offered free eye check-ups to Palestinian refugees, displaced Syrians and Lebanese patients amongst others.

The campaign highlighted the importance of voluntary medical action in Lebanese cities and camps regardless of patients’ nationalities or affiliations.

Dr. Al Youssef said this phase of the campaign was carried out in cooperation with Dr. Luis Otorinio and Dr. Imad Mahameed. He thanked all team members for their efforts aimed at assisting Palestinians and all those in need.

The medical team treated patients suffering from various eye diseases and disorders including glaucoma (41 patients), retinal disorders, ocular hypertension, astigmatism and pterygium. Doctors also performed laser eye surgeries and provided intravitreal injections to 50 other patients. 250 glasses were also distributed free-of-charge.