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Home Media Center News PRCS’ Branch in Jerusalem Enhances its Readiness During Ramadan

PRCS’ Branch in Jerusalem Enhances its Readiness During Ramadan

 (Monday, 29/5/2017):  PRCS’ branch in Jerusalem has enhanced its preparedness to provide health and humanitarian services to thousands of worshippers heading to Al Aqsa mosque during the holy month of Ramadan. Services are to be provided by more than 100 Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and volunteers via the branch’s Emergency Medical Center.

Two mobile clinics located at Al Aqsa courtyards and Lions’ gate will offer First Aid to worshippers throughout the month of Ramadan. The branch’s ambulances will transport patients to hospitals in the city. The branch will also provide emergency services at Israeli military checkpoints around Jerusalem, especially on Fridays. A total of 12 fully equipped ambulances manned by trained medical teams shall also be deployed, in addition to a four-wheel drive vehicle that can access the old city narrow streets and a motorcycle ambulance that can reach patients quickly.

Last month, the branch had carried out an exercise which focused on multiple casualty incidents with the participation of all teams in preparation for Ramadan. All warehouses also received sufficient First Aid and medical supplies.