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PRCS Medical Teams Under Attack





PRCS Medical Teams Under Attack


Urgent update: Israeli occupying forces obstruct and attack PRCS medical teams and ambulances across the OPT including East Jerusalem. An ambulance was shot at and its front screen broken at Hawara checkpoint in Nablus; An ambulance in Jerusalem was hit with a gas grenade and side windows were broken; A PRCS volunteer was hit in stomach at the Damascus Gate; an ambulance team was stopped and questioned at the Jalameh checkpoint in Jenin; An ambulance was stopped and delayed at Hussam checkpoint in Bethlehem.


Operational Update: (see table below)

The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) emergency centres and advance medical points have been deployed across the OPT including East Jerusalem.

In Gaza, the emergency operation room fully operational with 28 ambulances ready for response with 420 emergency medical personnel and volunteers, and currently the Al-Quds hospital is being assessed to receive cases and to utilise its intensive care units, if needed. According to the MoH a total of 20 people have been martyred including 9 children, and 65 injured. PRCS medical teams dealt with 29 cases, of whom 5 were martyred.

Across the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, PRCS dealt with a total of 714 cases. In Jerusalem, PRCS dealt today with a total number of 520 cases, including 333 hospital transfers and 187 cases dealt with at the makeshift field hospital. PRCS teams reported cases of need of medical assistance in 7 governorates as a result of Israeli occupying forces targeting Palestinian demonstrators near military checkpoints. The most cases were reported in Nablus, with a total number of 60 cases; and in Bethlehem with a total number of 52 cases; Qaliqilya 19 cases; Hebron 18 cases. 

PRCS reiterates its call on the international community and its partners in the International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent to exert maximum pressure on the Israeli occupying authorities to ensure respect for the International Humanitarian Law, and to hold Israel, the Occupying Power, accountable for its violations of international law.




Detailed Table of Cases in Gaza:



Detailed Table of Cases in West Bank: